EUBCE Field Trip

Experiencing Innovative Biomass Deployment


The Field Trip is a unique and unparalleled opportunity to experience state of the art industrial-scale biomass innovation in all its applications.

The Field Trip endeavours to visit state of the art biomass facilities in Europe and beyond in all aspects of biomass utilisation for energy, materials, chemicals etc. Some of the visits are at renown research centres where innovation in biomass applications is bred.

The Field Trip is designed for top or middle management from the industry, senior academics, and recognised consultants.

All visits start with a welcome coffee/tea reception to be followed by a presentation by the Hosts on the plant, its operation as well as the wider policies and strategies of the Host company/organisation on the energy transition. The participants have the opportunity to raise questions and discuss with the Host representatives. This is followed by a visit to the plant either on foot or by bus as appropriate. The visit provides further opportunities for discussions with the Host representatives.

The locations of the Field Trip are carefully selected to offer the opportunity to visit 6-8 facilities relatively easy to reach by coach or plane. It may cover several countries of just one.

Each Field Trip, with rare exceptions, is limited to 20-30 participants. The objective of this is to keep the number of participants relatively low and manageable so that all have the opportunity to benefit from the Field Trip and time to meet and discuss with the Hosts.

The registration fees cover all costs from the starting point till the end of the Field Trip including, transport, hotel accommodation and catering. The costs to the starting point and return to home basis are not covered by the Field Trip registration cost.

The Field Trip is organised jointly by Kyriakos Maniatis and ETA Florence.  Kyriakos Maniatis takes care of the technical and scientific issues with the Hosts while ETA Florence manages the organisational and financial aspects of the Field Trip.